Our Story  It all started back in 2004, when Eyal Shani and Shahar Segal started filming together a TV series called “food for thought”.

Eyal Shani, a genius chef, finished his role after 10 years as the head chef of his restaurant , “ocean” in Jerusalem. At the same time, Shahar Segal, an uprising star in the Israeli film scenery, was one of the busiest directors in Israel in films and commercials.

At 2008 they’ve decided to open a restaurant in Tel Aviv, HaSalon. Eyal was in charge of the food and Shahar on the music and vibe. The restaurant got famous for it’s pure food and a happy, nonchalant atmosphere that was like no other place.

Together they continued to open new resturants, such as North Abraxas, Miznon, Malka, Port Said, Romano and more, becoming the biggest food and culture group in Tel Aviv.

All of these places hold the same unique approach to food, using local and fresh ingredients keeping the dishes simple yet vibrant,  And a young atmosphere.

In 2011 They opened their first restaurant overseas, in Paris. Today they hold a total of 40 restaurants in locations such as Paris, Melbourne, Vienna, Singapore, Dubai, Ibiza, NYC Miami and Boston.

All our aspirations and all the reason we work for is to instill in people a sense of MAGIC

Our Concepts


    Open 2-3 days a week with a 6-9 week waiting list and is a circus show of cooks.
    All the fresh ingredients are placed in front of the cooks and they cook not from memory but only from a visual stimulation of the raw materials placed in front of them while conveying the story of the person who created it and the experience of the place from which the cook came. There is no direction from above where to go, but absolute creativity.
    The food is full of the energy, in dreams and desires of the people who made it, as soon as the guest eats it, he gets up on the table and dances.
    Hasalon experience can be found in Tel Aviv, New York, Miami and Paris.


    Known for great food, joyful and vibrant atmosphere and unusual serving style. Dishes like the famous hamburger, beetroot carpaccio; whole roasted baby cauliflower and chocolate mousse are some of the classics in a menu that changes every day, according to the variety and availability of purely fresh and local ingredients. The small intimate bar, overlooking the open hectic kitchen, has become a "home away from home" for many locals and tourists.
    Our cuisine is inspired by locally sourced ingredients, where the highest quality products serve as the stars of each dish. We are proud to share the best the city has to offer.


    Serving almost everything in pita bread, Miznon gives a whole new definition to Israeli street food. Some of Eyal Shani’s famous pita dishes can be found there, including roasted cauliflower, minute steak, fresh shrimps with crème fraiche, chicken livers, boeuf bourguignon and many more. Today there are 12 branches of Miznon worldwide. The first Parisian branch was chosen as one of the best new restaurants of 2013 by Vogue Magazine, Lefooding and Lefigaro, as well as best lunch in Paris by Traveler mag.
    Branches of Miznon can also be found in Paris, Vienna, Melbourne, Singapore, New York and Boston.


    Located right at the center of Tel Aviv, just a short walk away from the Tel Aviv Museum, the courthouse and many office buildings. On its first year Malka won the best kosher restaurant award by Time Out Magazine. Malka is a vibrant and frantic restaurant that serves kosher food next to fresh beer and great cocktails and is known for its famous Schnitzel filled with mashed potatoes, grilled lamb chops and great variety of vegetables. Malka is also a home for local youth at risk, providing them with cooking training and a warm smile at Malka’s kitchen.


    The top floor of a hidden multi-use complex. Another collaboration of The Better Guys and Teder crew, Romano is a hip restaurant bar and lounge, with an amazing, custom-made sound system. The restaurant serves fresh, local fish, meat and vegetables, alongside homemade cocktails and cold beer. It is located on the 2nd floor of the beautiful Romano House, a historic building in the south part of Tel Aviv. You can choose to sit on the terrace overlooking Teder’s piazza, or inside, near the bar and kitchen, where spontaneous parties and dancing are always an option


    A restaurant, a bar and a record library that was created in collaboration with the Teder crew.  A place that became almost overnight an institution and is known as the best casual restaurant in Tel Aviv. The best place for visitors to sample the Tel Avivian hipster vibe and Israeli culture. Every day the top selectors in Israel arrive to play music, vinyl only, while great food, fresh beer and coffee is being served. It’s a great place for a quick meal, a night out with friends, or just having an afternoon cold beer, chilling with some of Tel Aviv's artists and musicians.


    Taking over the outside area of Romano complex, on the popular railway park, Mirage is A small and well-designed spot that offers coffee and pastries in an unexpected version, in the original style of the master, Eyal Shani. If you think that it is no longer possible to innovate in the field of pastries, Mirage manages to innovate with new pastries that are unlike any other known place in the city. But the food here is not the only part of the deal, performances and events from the field of music and culture are planned on the spot.


    For many years Teder operated as an online pop-up radio station and bar. Every summer Teder would open its doors for a few months only, each time in a different location around Tel Aviv. After six years of wandering, Teder finally settled, permanently, at Romano House’s piazza. Today Teder is broadcasting live, year round, alongside an open-air bar where Eyal Shani’s famous pizza is being served. The site also includes a record shop called Nuweba, special rooms that hosts different art and music projects called Volanov and Rafi and the main area with a bar and a changing set up for events. Some of the most epic concerts, shows and events that Tel Aviv city have had happened in Teders compound.

  • ATA

    Since in 1934 For five decades, ATA designed and manufactured textiles within their local facilities, and became an Israeli icon of quality, until it closed in 1985. The Better Guys company decided it was time for ATA’s revival and launched three stores in the heart of Tel Aviv. ATA’s founding vision was to create a people’s brand.
    More than 80 years after ATA’s emergence, we think this vision is still relevant and we work hard to maintain it, making clothes that serve people, whether on the field or in an urban setting. The beauty of the city and its people, and the relationship between them, is where Ata's heartbeat lies.

We have been given the privilege, meal after meal, person after person, to give HAPPINESS to another person, to a stranger we have never met before